Re: “… was a good first step,” by Jim Hays, Tuesday Letters.

Hays wants President Barack Obama to listen to Republicans. OK. Should he follow their advice on tax cuts for the rich, further reducing revenue?

Should he follow their advice to put health care “on a shelf” for what, forever? Our company’s costs went up over $30,000 last year and $45,000 this year. Let’s not do anything about that for a few more years, and watch what happens to America’s small businesses and the millions they employ.

Maybe he should listen about a bipartisan panel to figure out how to reduce deficits? He did, and Texas Republican Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison helped defeat it.

Should he follow their example and enact another entitlement program but not pay for it or start two wars that were not paid for?

There is a real disconnect from the perception of what a conservative Republican is and what they actually do. They ran this government for eight years on a line of credit and left a mess to whoever came next. And now they embarrassingly try to stand in the way of anything happening, lest the truth become obvious to all.

Chalk up years of conservative Republicans. Nothing to be proud of.

Jan Neher, Richardson

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