The Resurrection of the Dead. (Courtesy of The New Yorker.)

By Mark Memmott

The New Yorker’s latest cover is a painting by Haitian artist Frantz Zephirin and the magazine says it will donate all profits from sales of prints to the aid organization Partners in Health, which works in Haiti. Click here if you’re interested. A small, framed cover print costs $195. Prices rise to $445.

Zephirin’s painting, The Resurrection of the Dead, was done in 2007. According to the New Yorker, “the three skeletal figures in the doorway are guede, members of a family of spirits who guard the frontier between life and death.”

Zephirin lives in Mariani, Haiti, near the epicenter of last Tuesday’s devastating earthquake. The New Yorker says he’s working on a new painting — The Cry of the Earth — that is about the quake.

Also at, writer Tracy Kidder blogs about Partners in Health and Dr. Paul Farmer, one of its founders. Kidder profiled Farmer in 2000 (full text available to subscribers only). In his blog post, Kidder says of Farmer’s organization that:

Partners in Health is unusual: it insists on working closely with agencies of the Haitian government; all but a few of its roughly four thousand doctors, nurses, and community health workers are Haitian; and it has only a small presence in the capital, Port-au-Prince–so none of its clinics or hospitals were damaged in the earthquake of January 12th. Before last Tuesday, P.I.H. had been the largest health care provider in rural Haiti. After the quake it became, at least for a time, the largest in the entire country and it certainly remains one of the most important.

For more of NPR’s coverage of the crisis in Haiti, click here.

If you’re looking for information on charities doing work in Haiti, click here.

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